Wireless Charging Pads

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You already live a tangled life, succumbing under the pressure of the daily mundane. You often think of simplifying your life, breaking free from the complexities that clutter your routine tasks.

Everyday you search for ways to make your life simpler, productive, and fun. You use the latest gadgets to stay connected to your loved ones. You use the best premium apps to remind you of the important events of your life and stay organized. But with every single electronic gadget added to the arsenal, you seem to be overwhelmed by the baggage of accessories that comes along, especially the wires.

You wish you can get rid of all those unnecessary and long, black or white lines that get tangled in your bags, drawers, and cupboards. You suddenly want to break free. You suddenly want to go- wireless!

Now think about a life without wires. Forget about the hassles of reminding yourself to carry a bunch of charging cords every time you step outside the house. No need to worry about the extremely daunting task of finding a socket to plug-in where ever you go. Welcome to the wireless world!

Wireless Charging Pads

Few years back people used to carry a series of charging cords and related accessories for each of their electronic gadgets. Then someone smart thought of making the lives of people less complicated and use the 100 years old principle of electromagnetic induction not only to charge electronic gadgets but also to do a variety of cool stuff without the use of wires. Things changed a great deal after the advent of wireless charging pads.

The introduction of wireless charging pads is a boon for people who can’t live without their electronic devices. It’s an end to the frustration caused by entangled wires and the puzzles they create on a regular basis.

Wireless charging pads is a one-stop solution for all common problems. You can charge your phone anywhere, anytime without moving from your place or attaching any cord to your device. Whenever you need the charge, put the device on the wireless charging pad, just like your would put on your desk. It’s as simple as that. No more wasting time in searching for your charger, finding an empty socket, or solving the puzzles of entangled wires. Wireless is the way to go.

Checkout some great wireless charging pads available in the market today:

Note that not all phones are wireless charging supported. Though most of the mobile manufacturers around the world are making efforts to allow their customers to charge phones wirelessly, there are several major handsets which do not support this feature. However, there is always a way to enable these phones with wireless charging.

The best thing about wireless charging pads is that you can use the same pad to charge phones from different manufacturers. This means that it’s not necessary that a Nokia Lumia can only be charged on a Nokia Wireless Pad or a Nexus 5 can only be charged on the Nexus Wireless Pad. You  can charge your Nexus 5 on Nokia wireless Plate and vice-versa. As far as your phone is enabled for wireless charging any charging pad can be used.

To enable your phone to receive wireless electricity, you will need a special case for your phone. You can use the one made by your mobile manufacture or select from a wide range of pads which are compatible with your phone.

These cases are just like those which are used for protection. If you are not interested in cases, a variety of wireless electricity receivers are also available in the market. These receivers are thin like paper and can easily slips into your existing mobile case. Moreover, they are cheap and easy-to-use, offering a great option to those who do not want to use charging pads.

Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging

Powermat has been in the market since a long time now and its mission is to spread the awareness of wireless charging. Its collaboration with Duracell has given it the necessary platform to reach a bigger audience . Together Duracell and Powermat are leaving no stones unturned to bridge the gap between wireless charging and mobile devices. Check out a short video from Ron Rabinowitz, the CEO of Duracell Powermat, where he explains what is the company offering and the steps his company has taken to spread the word on wireless charging.

Benefits of wireless charging pad

As the electronic mobile technology evolve with time, so did the “wire” technology. When you buy a electronic device, you get a bunch of wires that come along with it. Just like the blue-tooth technology has removed the dependency on wires to sync mobile device with laptops/PCs, similarly, the introduction of electromagnetic induction into electronics has given the advantage of charging devices without wires. There are many more benefits of having a wireless charging pad –

mophie 3 in 1 Wireless Charge Pad - Qi Wireless 7.5W Charging Pad for Apple iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch - Black
  • Fast charging: Delivers the right amount of power to your iPhone to ensure the fastest charging speeds
  • Wirelessly charge three devices: Simultaneously charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple watch
  • Charge through lightweight cases: Power can be sent through cases up to 3 millimeter thick
  • Premium ultra-suede finish: The premium ultra-suede finish adds a touch of style to any tabletop
  • Compatibility: Optimized for iPhone 11 and earlier generations. If using with the iPhone 12s, you may experience a slower charge.
  • Safe and radiation free : Electricity is dangerous because of the shocks they can give. Sometimes electricity also emits radiation and disrupts other nearby radio-devices. Charging pads neither have exposed connectors to give you a shock nor do they disrupt any radio-devices or leak radiations. They are absolutely safe.
  • Safe for Kids : A charging pad is a compact device with no loose or open ends. Unlike charging wires/cords, charging pads do not need to be removed and replug every time. You can just plug once and leave. This make also make it safe for kids to handle.
  • Portability : Single charging devices such as Duracell Powermat, Rav Power for 1 device can easily be carried in your pocket. The pads that charges 2 or 3 devices simultaneously are also portable enough to be carried in your office or laptop bags. (The best thing to do is to have two charging pads – one at home and other in the office.)
  • Easy to Use : Did you ever damage your phone’s charging wire socket by trying to push it hard? Do you often plug the USB end of the wire in the opposite direction on to the USB socket? Well, get ride of this mess. Just place your phone on the charging pad and forget. They are so easy to use.
  • Reliability : The charging pads come with smart technology which avoids over-heating and can detect high voltage to adjust the output accordingly, making the charging pads reliable and safer.
  • Smart Charging : The technology is smart enough to stop charging your mobile device when the batter is full. This makes the mobile device safe from over charging. (Remember the incidences where an iPhone exploded when charged overnight?)
  • USB Compatible : Charging pads, like Rav Power, Zens Wireless pad, Energizer Inductive Charger, have a USB port for more flexibility. This helps to even charge any device which is not wireless charging enabled.
  • Environment Friendly : It reduces the use of plastic wires and copper, and directly or indirectly help to reduce the electronic waste. We wish that sometime down the line, all the mobile manufacturers remove charging wires from the package and instead make the device wireless charging enabled.

How to select a wireless charging pad?

Mentioned below are a few key aspects that should be considered when selecting a charging pad:

Mobile device compatibility

Will the charging pad charge my mobile device? This is where you need to start when planning to buy a charging pad. Any charging pad can charge a wireless chargeable device. There are no said rules and standards for this. However, there is a something called Qi (pronounced chee) standard. Most of the wireless charging pads and the wireless chargeable mobile devices follow this Qi standard. It is a voluntary effort to make wireless charging standardized across all the manufactures. Many big mobile companies like LG, Panasonic, Motorola, Blackberry are member of Qi Wireless Power Consortium. If your charging pad is Qi standard approved then it can charge any wireless chargeable mobile device. But even if it’s not, no need to worry. It will still work.

Number of mobile devices to be charged

The second thing that needs to be considered is how many mobile devices you want to charge simultaneously – one, two or three. Until now, the best charging pads in the market are those which can charge max 3 devices. There are other pads as well that can charge more than 3 devices but the charging output is not that efficiency. If you want to use the pad at home, then it’s better to go for a more than 1 charging device support as other family members will also be able to use them at the same time. If it is to be used in the office then I would recommend to go for 1 device charging support. From cost perspective, the more device support, the higher the price of the charging pad.

Manufacture Warranty and Support

The wireless charging is a still a new concept. It is recommended to go with the manufacture that gives minimum of 6 months of warranty.  This will give you the peace of mind  if in case any thing goes wrong with the charging pad. Generally most of the the manufactures provide 1 year warranty.

Flexibility for other non-compatible devices

As mentioned earlier, not all mobile devices are enabled for wireless charging. Mostly the tablets and low-end mobile phones are not wireless chargeable. If you own such device (along with a wireless chargeable one), unfortunately you will have to carry charging wires wherever you go. Some charging pads like Rav Power, Zens Wireless pad do have a supportive USB port to plug in the charging cable. Having a USB port gives additional flexibility and portability to the charging pad, allowing other non-compatible devices to be used with the pad.

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