Wireless power transfer across the room

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With the existing wireless power charging technologies like Qi, PMA, etc. the power receiving device should be placed on the power transmitting device and in a proper alignment.  This puts a lot of restriction on the actual usage of the technology and to a certain extent it is still not wireless and contactless power transmission.

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Recently a Nuclear and Quantum Engineering professor Chun T. Rim at the renowned KAIST of Republic of Korea, developed and demonstrated wireless power transfer across the room, approximately 5 meters long, using the technology of ‘Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS)’. The same was done by MIT’s professor using the ‘Coupled Magnetic Resonance’ technology but the distance of power transmitted was 2.1 meters.

The DCRS technology uses a well designed two magnetic dipole coils, the primary coil to transmit the power and the secondary coil to receive it. The KAIST research team used ferrite core rods with windings at the center of the winding coils. The high frequency of AC currents produces a strong magnetic field creating a magnetic flux to induce power in the secondary coil. DRMS is significantly smaller in size then the CRMS.

The DRMS setup produces a 209W power which can be transmitted at a distance of 5 meters. Seeing at the size of the device and the kind of AC current required to power the transmitting coil it is difficult to predict when the actual commercial product or usage of DRMS will be available. But one thing is sure that people around the world have started noticing the importance of transmitting power wirelessly and making it available to the world. In this effort we are able to see good inventions and hope to see many more commercially useable devices soon.

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