NuCurrent’s All-in-one multi-mode wireless charge receiver

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With this new wireless charge receiver you can now juice up the phone with all of the three wireless charging standards – Qi, PMA, A4WP.

NuCurrent, a Chicago based company, in collaboration with Broadcom have successfully built a wireless charge receiver which can receive the charge from the transmitters of either Qi, PMA and A4WP. The chip or receiver which NuCurrent built is still not in market but have been successfully tested.

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Its getting difficult for mobile phone manufacturing company’s to decide which wireless standard to follow, but this single solution from NuCurrent and Broadcom suffice the need. Using their patented MLMT antennas NuCurrent have developed a high Q tri-mode receiver antenna which is compatible to receive charge from all three standard’s transmitter and reduces BOM Component count.

The three wireless charging standards uses different frequencies – Qi is 110 and 250kHz , PMA is 200 to 300 kHz and A4WP at 6.78MHz. NuCurrent’s antenna is a mix of 3 different coils capable to receive the charge at any of the given frequencies. It is designed in such a way that it can manage the heat generated from charging from all of the three standard’s receiver.

The core technology from NCurrent is ML Wire, which CEO John Babcock describes as “like bundling 10 drinking straws passing through liquid”. The availability of this multi-mode technology will surely help all the mobile manufacturing companies.

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