Inductive and Resonance Charging Technologies in One Device

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In CES 2014, Mediatek Inc. displayed its first step in the world  of wireless charging. The new device displayed by the company is a combination of inductive and resonance technologies, which makes it capable of multi-mode wireless charging.

There are two types of wireless charging technologies in market – inductive and resonance. Inductive charging has been widely adopted by many tech giants following one of the two competitive standards – Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Wireless Power Consortium (known as Qi). Resonance technology was demonstrated by Nicola Tesla in 1900s to transfer electrical power. This technology is been adopted by Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) known by the brand name Rezence, Power-by-Proxi and now by MediaTek Inc.

PMA and Qi has a good impression on consumers using wireless devices. However,  the inductive technology shortfall is that the device cannot be kept farther than 5mm from the charging pad and the positioning for the receiver and transmitter should be proper for an effective and efficient charging.

It is time to take advantage of what Tesla invented century back and have more devices developed on the same resonance technology. The advantage of resonance is that –

a)      The receiver and transmitter need not be aligned in a specific position. Infact the receiver can be kept in any position within the range of the transmitter.

b)      Multiple devices can be charged with a single resonance transmitter.

c)       The distance between the receiver and transmitter can be increased beyond 5mm, depending on the strength of the resonating transmitter.

d)      Different devices with different power needs can be charged at once

The use of in-band communication for power control in inductive as well as resonant modes is another uniqueness of MediaTek’s technology. This gives more reliable solution over the already exiting usage of Bluetooth 4.0 for resonance.

As per sources, the product is likely to work with existing wireless charge receivers as well as new ones. Even though Rezence and Power-by-Proxi have come before to Mediatek,  the later has made a mark and created a benchmark in the resonance wireless charging industry by giving the first multimode commercial product.