Dorne Gets Power In The Air

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Scientist across the globe are taking the advantage of Nicola Tesla’s invention to next level. We have seen many new inventions were in a power transmitted through thin air at a distance of 3 meters to 10 meters. But this new invention by Laser Motive can charge a drone’s battery while it is flying in the air. Isn’t that what every electrical gadget should have, that is getting charged with it is working and never shut down. Well, the dream is coming true.

Scientist of Laser Motive, Lockheed Martin, have experimentally proved that a laser beam can be used to transmit power to the battery of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or a Drone. In an experiment held within the premises, the flight time of an UAV was increased to more than 48 hours using a laser beam pointing at the battery of the UAV and charging it which it was getting consumed.

Laser Motive was born in 2007 to compete in the NASA’s Power Beaming Challenge. In 2009 the Tom Nugent (CEO and Co-founder) and Jordin Kare (Chief Scientist) won a booming $900,000 price for charging a rocket type of vehicle or similar device and allowing it to climb up to 1 km with an average speed of 4 meters per sec. Since then there was no looking back for this team. They recently invented and proved that a high beam laser can be used to charge a in flight batter of an UAV.

With the focus on providing wireless power via laser beam Laser Motive is launching it first commercial product, that is charging an UAV’s batter in the air. The company’s broader focus is to provide power to satellite from earth and laser launch of the rockets. Well goodluck to this extraordinary team and hope to see little helicopters in the air in which I don’t need put in the AAA batteries.