Samsung S-View Flip Covers for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3

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Samsung might not be the only one to make wireless charging covers for its Galaxy series phones, but we must admit that their wireless covers are the best in the market – they know what works best for their phones. In our earlier articles, we discussed about the Samsung’s wireless charge receiving covers and the complete kit that can be used to enable wireless charging for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3. But in past 2 months, Samsung has released two new S-view Flip covers enabled with Qi wireless charging receiver, one for each of its hottest selling devices – the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3.

Listed below are bestselling Samsung S-View Flip Covers which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Firstly, what’s an S-view Flip cover?

‘S’ in the “S-view” is used just to convey that the cover is for the Galaxy S series phones. Some say that S stands for Super, whereas few others say it is for Samsung (Some also say smart and simple).

But we can definitely call it simple because the S-view transparent window makes the viewing simple and less complicated, yet smart enough to display the most needed stuff in the little space – Samsung S-view case has a small window which gives the view of all the important stuff that needs to be seen on the phone.

The cover is made up of Polyurethane Leather, which gives feel of actual leather. It also has a magnetic sensitivity – closing the cover will automatically put the phone in sleep mode and lock it. (And the phone automatically gets unlocked on opening the cover.) When the cover is closed, the phone switches to a different display mode which is seen thru the small transparent window –  This display mode functions differently on S4 and Note 3.

On the Samsung S-view Flip Wireless charging cover for Galaxy 4, the transparent window is touch sensitive. Through the window one can view the basic things such as date and time, battery status, notification on any missed call, and the song that is currently played. That’s not all, as the window is touch sensitive, it allows to answer and reject the calls, and ongoing calls can be disconnected right from the window view. Made from a very high quality plastic material, the cover is flexible and provides good protection to the phone.

Available in black and white colors at a price of $ 69.99,  this is definitely a better choice than any other flip covers.

However, there are a few missing things, which if added, would have made the cover better from a functional point of view. For e.g., text message notification, email notification, reading text messages, snooze or stop an alarm, and current temperature.

Now, let’s talk about the Samsung S-view Flip Wireless charging cover for Galaxy Note 3. Note 3, as you know, is bigger in size and accommodates more functions on the front screen than the Galaxy S4. The basic functioning of detecting the closing and opening of the case is similar to the S4 case. But as the view of the Note 3 S-view case is bigger than the Galaxy S4 case,  it accommodates more functions.

The little s-view window itself has 3 different screen modes, which can be accessed by a swipe. The middle screen mode shows the basic regular stuffs such as date and time, current weather temperature, the battery and cellular network status and all the other notifications that is shown on the phone’s top panel.  The left sliding screen shows call notifications such as missed call and its detail and you can also place a call back if needed.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Case S View Flip Cover Folio, Rose Gold
  • Ability to view the time (roaming/home), date, pedometer, weather and quickly access your camera through the display window
  • Swipe to accept/reject calls or reject call with preset messages
  • Missed event support allowing the user to preview text messages or missed calls and gives the option to call back

The right sliding window has 3 basic apps – the camera, action memo and music player. The camera app allows shooting a photo and adjusting the flash settings; but does not allow to take a video. The action memo app allows taking quick notes using stylus pen or just using the finger. The keypad is not available for taking the notes, mainly because the window is not that big enough to accommodate the keypad. The music app allows to play, pause, forward, rewind, and turn to next and previous song controls. Available in black and white colours at a price of $ 69.99 it is a complete package for wireless charging and user-friendly application. 

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