How to Charge Your Mobile Phone Wirelessly?

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How To Charge Phone Wirelessly: Though wireless charging pads is a boon for those who desperately what to go wire-free, having one won’t ensure your phone to get wirelessly charged. Most of the famous mobile phones in the market do not have wireless charging facility (Except Google Nexus).  The integral mechanism of the smartphone does not the facility for wireless charging and thus an external charging facility is required to make the phones charge wirelessly.

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Technically, to receive the electric charge transmitted from one device, the receiving device should have a facility to accept the same. In this case, the device that emits or transmits electric charge is the charging pad and the device that will receive the charge is the smartphone.

In most mobile phones, this can be done by using a receiving device which looks and acts similar to a mobile case. Such devices have a thin wired coil inside to receive the electric current. It also has a built in socket, which slides into the power receiver of the phone when the phone is inserted into the case. That’s it! You phone is now enabled for wireless charging.

Benefits of Wireless Charge Receiver Case

– Offers wireless charging facility

– Provides protection just like protective cases

– Comes in variety of designs and colors

– Not expensive

Now once your phone is enabled for wireless charging, let’s take a look at some famous wireless charging pads available in the market.

As mentioned earlier, the receiver device/case has a thin coil embedded inside to received electric charge. Now for those who do not want to buy a separate “wireless-charging” enabled case, there is an option of using a paper like thin device which has a coil inside.

The advantage of this device is that you can just insert it between your existing case and phone and enabled the wireless charging facility.  This way you can retain the existing phone case and still charge up your phone without wires. Unfortunately, these type of coils are available only for samsung phones. For iPhone users, there is a product call iQi which is presently under development for iPhone 5 and 5S but unfortunately it’s not available in the market yet.

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