How to Enable Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S4?

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The ease and freedom of wireless charging is not known unless one uses it. The days of solving the puzzles of entangled wires are gone and it is time to adopt wireless charging.The Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone has always been in a head-to-head competition with its rival Apple’s iPhone 5. And so is the competition among the companies that make the wireless charge receiving cases for these phones. In this article you will see two wireless charging covers for Galaxy S4, the first is Qi standard compatible from Samsung itself and the other is PMA standard compatible  device from Incipio.

Listed below are bestselling Samsung Wireless Charging which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Qi-standard compatible charging cover

The Galaxy S4 is not wireless charging enabled. To make it receive power wirelessly, it just needs a special back cover. Samsung has a Qi-standard enabled wireless charging back cover for Galaxy S4. The wireless charging cover alone is of no use and it requires a wireless charging pad. Samsung also has a Qi-standard wireless charging pad which is compatible for all the Samsung mobiles devices having a charging cover, be it a Galaxy S3, Galaxy 4 or the Galaxy Note series , it works. To know more about the Samsung’s wireless charging pad check  “How to enable wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy Note 3”.

Let’s talk more about the Galaxy S4 wireless charging cover. The wireless charging cover replaces the existing plastic cover of S4, and with a few adjustments fits perfectly well on the back of the phone. There are “gold colored” contact points in the cover which connects internally to the phone’s battery points, allowing it to recharge it wirelessly.

The cover is bit thicker than the original one and thus adds a few millimeters to the phone’s thickness. The cover is thicker because it has the embedded coil to receive the power wirelessly. But if we really observe, the difference in the thickness does not make the phone any bulky. The good thing is that the cover is NFC enabled and the thickness does not disrupt the NFC capabilities. Instead, it firmly fits at the back of the phone giving good protection, providing same protection as that offered by the original case.

With a price tag of $ 39.99, this is the best wireless charging cover available in the market. Overall it is a good deal when you want a Samsung approved charging cover

The other type of wireless charge receiver for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a paper thin coil by Docooler. This is for those who don’t want to loose the original Samsung cover with the wireless charging one. The Docooler’s Qi standard wireless charging receiver, specially designed for S4, perfectly fits in between the battery and the cover without causing any discomfort to the battery or increasing the bulk of the phone. The best thing about the receiver is that the connection is established seamlessly without disturbing the normal functioning of the phone. The receiver is thin and to keep it at a desired position, there is a sticky tap on the receiver which when removed sticks on to the battery, thus not allowing it to move.

Those who don’t want to spend more money for wireless charging, Docooler’s ultrathin wireless charge receiver is available at a cost of just $9.99.

 PMA –standard compatible charging cover

For the Power Matters Alliance fans, there is an excellent and stylish product by Incipio, the Incipio Powermat Battery Door for Samsung Galaxy S4. Constructed from lightweight Plextonium material the cover is very rigid and gives a good protection to the device. The PMA compatibility make it easy to use it on any place, like Starbucks, Airport lounges where PMA charging is available or any PMA compatible wireless charging pads. It charges the phone at the same speed as that with a charging cable. The cover comes in three colors – Black, White and Red. It replaces the original Samsung cover and fits in securely well on the back of the phone with the help of a smart single latch mechanism.

At a price of $29.99, cheaper than the Samsung cover, Incipo’s charger cover it is a good deal for those who wants to have a PMA compatible charging cover.

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