Synergy: Wireless Car Charger and Phone Holder

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Car Phone Holder With Charger: Apart from homes and offices, there is one more place where we can need wireless charging pads – Cars.

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Most of us spend several hours in a car daily while traveling to office or back home. If you live in a highly populated city, traffic will make this even worse. What if you can utilize this time to charge your phone, and that too – wirelessly?

Everyone has a phone charing facility in their cars. For mobile phones we all have two main accessories in our cars which we use everyday (1) car charger and (2) car phone holder which either goes on the dashboard or on the front windshield.

But we all agree that the additional wires and extra cables for different gadgets makes the interiors quite messy. How convenient it will be if one single gadget can fulfill the purpose of both a phone holder and wireless charger?

If you are looking for a gadget to solve this purpose, then there is  the Synergy, world’s best wireless smartphone charger by Cell Innovations.

Synergy is an innovative car mobile holder which can charge mobile phone wirelessly. The best thing about it is that it can be used at home as well as in cars. Synergy solves the problems of plugging the phone in the right direction, finding an electric slot to charge the phone in the dark, using the phone’s GPS without a proper phone holder, and the falling of the car phone holder due to bad suction.

Synergy is just like a regular car mobile holder but it’s more robust, elegant and efficient in every aspect. Moreover, the wireless charging capability, metallic finish and availability in multiple colors makes it quite alluring.

Synergy car charger ad holder comes with two charging bases. The one that fits behind the car’s rear mirror (on the dashboard) is made up of poly carbonate material whereas other with a metallic finish can be used at home. The two charging bases make the wireless chargers both convenient and flexible. Moreover, it also gives a perfect grip to the charger and prevents falling from the mount even during rough drive.

In most of the car holders,there are three sided support – two on each sides and one at the bottom. When the same type of support is provided in a wireless charging pad, it restricts the pad to be used only for those phones whose centers can easily be aligned with that of the charging pad.

Synergy’s charging pads do not have any side or bottom support. Instead, is made up of rare earth magnet and micro suction foam pad making a perfect combination of a very strong and “undetachable” hold for the phones. This means that you can use any size of phones – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4, Nexus 4 / 5 / 7, etc with the same device. The pad follows the Qi standard, which gives the freedom of using any Qi compatible phone to be charged wirelessly.

Synergy car charger also has built in NFC tags so you can have it automatically execute tasks  such as launch your alarm clock during the night time or launch Google Maps for directions. It also contains an LED light, which illuminates for 5 to 10 seconds when you hover your hand or the charging device over it. This makes it convenient to detect Synergy in the dark, especially when you have placed the  metallic home charging base on the desk next to your bed.

Synergy is currently not available in the market, but Cell Innovation plans to launch the product soon. If you are going to CES 2014, do not miss to have a look at the cool Synergy device. You can also pre-book it over Amazon here at a worthy $ 65.

We really want to see this device turn into reality! Do you?

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