Intel’s Smart Headset and Smart Bowl Support Wireless Charging

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The ruler of the world of processors – Intel, has taken a step further to showcase its capability in the world of wireless charging with its wearable smart headset/ assistant “Jarvis”, and a Smart Bowl . These innovative gadgets were recently demonstrated by Intel in CES 2014, Las Vegas.

The smart headset, Jarvis, is a single device that can be easily attached to one’s ears and which works as an assistant, something like Apple’s Siri or Google “Now”. Jarvis can be paired up with Android device and assist in interacting with the phone, map search and other similar stuff.

There are two distinct features that give uniqueness to Jarvis – 1) It is a wearable device and easily fits on your ears – so you don’t have to hold it in your hand or carry it in a pocket, literally lifting up to speak to the assistant. 2) It is surely an “always-listening” device, which means just speak to Jarvis and get the questions answered -No need to hold the button to start the assistant.

The other good thing about Jarvis is that it can be charged wirelessly. Drop it over the wireless charging pad and that’s it. Jarvis does give us those unique features and the kind of freedom which we don’t find in the Siri or Google Now. The device design which is seen in the picture is just a prototype and bit of modification is expected before it is released later in this year as said by Intel.


The Smart Bowl, yet another intelligent gadget,  could be the replacement of the wireless charging pads. By functionality it is no different from a regular wireless charging pad. What makes it different from other is its bowl like shape which gives a stylish look and allows just dropping any gadet in the Jarvis . This conveys that the technology used in the Intel’s bowl is not inductive, but something similar to resonance, as inductive needs a receiver to place a device with proper alignment. But Jarvis can be compared to the Power-by-Proxi’s wireless charging basket. Similar to Jarvis, the smart bowl is just a prototype and not yet commercially available.