ZENS Qi Compatible Wireless Speakers and Power bank

ZENS Qi Compatible Speakers
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Power Bank With Wireless Charger: ZENS is a leading Dutch wireless charging device maker, and have given really excellent Qi wireless charging products of all types. This time it has entered the world of entertainment with the release of its Qi enabled bluetooth wireless charging speakers and  power bank battery capable for charging a phone for long duration.

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There are quite a few Qi enabled wireless charging bluetooth speakers like the one from JBL. But the unique thing about the ZENS speakers is its size. The speaker is much smaller in size then the JBL’s one yet outputs a good and loud sound. Rectangular in shape there are two 5 w speakers in the box, with speaker managing buttons on each of the sides. The speakers can be charged using a micro USB cable. The built-in 4.500 mAh battery does takes long time to charge but if fully charged then it can sustain the speakers for a continuous 8 hours and also it can make you mobile phone fully charged without compromising the entertainment. Isn’t that excellent performance.  This helps to avoid finding a wall plug point for charging your phone wherever you go.

Bluetooth helps connecting the smartphone with the speaker but if the smartphone is NFC enable then a tap of the phone on the bottom of the speaker will setup the connection. Once connected, play the favorite song and leave the Qi enabled phone on the speaker for charging.

ZENS Qi Compatible Speakers

If you don’t want to listen to music then the ZENS Power Bank battery is the solution. The ultra sleek design makes it very handy to charge your Qi enable smart phone at home or in office or on the go. The huge 4.5oo mAh battery gives more than enough power to keep your smartphone going for whole day. If another device needs charging then just plug it into the USB slot given at the back of the battery. Thus juicing up two devices simultaneously.

Being Qi compatible gives a good edge for this device and thus allowing you to use any Qi enabled smart phone or smart covers. The cost of the battery power bank is $ 69.99 and that of the Qi Bluetooth speaker is $99.00. So, what you waiting for, go wireless charging. Check out other ZENS products here.

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