Wireless Charging, Alarm and More in One Device – PowerBot Multifunctional Station

PowerBot Multi Functional
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PowerBot station is a smart, 7 in 1 wireless charging pad which can satisfy our musical need and also wake us every morning.

Pros : Multi functional musical and wireless charging device which can easily replace the bedside alarm clock. Very user friendly and easy to setup.

Cons : Being a musical device it lacks the basic function buttons to forward, rewind or repeat the sound track.

Different people have different needs when it comes to bedside table – some like stack of books while some want a music player. However, one thing that is found on every bedside table is an alarm clock and a phone charging setup. The PowerBot Multi Functional Station combines these two features in once single device, very smartly.

The PowerBot is entirely made of hard wood, which gives it a sophisticated yet stylish look. The front of the device displays a large and bright LED time clock, which can be easily seen through the hardwood, complementing each other and revealing the efforts made in designing a high-end consumer gadget. The clock can be displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour format. Also, the brightness of the LED can be adjusted using the Snooze button.

The alarm can be set to go once a day or every day. The Snooze button on the top part of the device is touch sensitive and if press hold the button then the buzzing alarm will shut down.

The device has a built-in thermometer,  just next to the alarm clock display, displaying the temperature of the room. For convenience the temperature can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Top portion of the device is a Qi wireless charging pad. It has a Qi logo on top and can support any Qi standard mobile device capable of receiving wireless power. The charge receiver device should be placed on the Qi logo for efficient charging.

On the sides there are two powerful speakers capable of delivering some loud music. The mobile phone seamlessly gets connected with the Powerbot via Bluetooth or NFC.

To switch ON the Bluetooth press hold the call button. You can also listen to the favorite sound track while simultaneously charging the phone. The sound output can be controlled using the touch sensitive volume up and down buttons present on the top of the device. It also has an auxiliary input slot and comes with 3.5mm aux wire to attach to the music device.

The device also has a built in microphone, which allows talking while the phone is getting charged.

To summarize the features –

1) QI wireless charge station
2) NFC (near field communication)
3) Alarm clock with large LED display
4) Audio speaker for music streaming
5) Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
6) Built-in mic for hands free talking
7) Built-in thermometer

So, overall, at cost less than $80 PowerBot Station is truly a worth for money and a must have device for your bedside table.