Wireless charging pads that fits in your pocket

wireless charging pad
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The wireless charging pad is getting smaller and slimmer with every new pad’s release. Think about the very first invention by Witricity and how it got evolved in past few years. Now we have charging pads which can fit in our bags, can take place of a fancy stands on the office desk, on a coffee table in Starbucks, and many more. The best thing would have been that you have such wireless charging pads it everywhere and anywhere you go. Well, for that you need to give it some more time to evolve.

There is another way of having the liberty to charge anywhere and everywhere, which is if the pad is smaller in size to carry it in your pockets, be it a coat, blazer, jeans, trouser, shirt or pants. Such products are available in market and we are going to talk about them in this article. The latest such wireless charging pad to be released is the wireless charging pants.


Microsoft who acquired Nokia have came up with a wireless charging pants for the NOKIA Lumia series phones. Designed by A. Sauvage, the pants are a master piece of fusion between technology and cloths. As per Business Insider the designer has to go through many rounds of iterations to make sure the pants are stylish yet can accommodate a charging plate without compromising the comfort. It will soon be available on Amazon for pre-orders and the estimate is it will be costing somewhere around $ 300. But, hey does matters when it comes to stile.. !!

A product which is much cheaper than the wireless charging pants is Qimini, said to be the world’s thinnest wireless charging pad. As the name it says, it supports the Qi (chee) standard, hence it is compatible with any Qi enabled power receiving mobile device. With just 9mm thick and 90 mm in diameter this is really the smallest and most portable of the wireless charging pad I have come across. I would say that it is marketed correctly by its manufacturers calling it ‘ Qimini Pocket’.

Qimini connects to any USB port to get its power supply to juice up the mobile device. The USB port of the device pops out of its circular shape to be ready to get connected to your laptops USB port or the wall-to-USB plug. Available in 4 different colors at just $79.99 on Amazon, I can say that it is the best portable and pocket-able wireless charging device in the market.

Nokia portable wireless charging plate is another eligible pocket pad. The uniquely sized and designed charging plate has a batter power of 2400 mAH. The colorful and attractive design makes it very attractive an stylish to use. Thus becomes the most preferable and portable wireless charging pad. See the full review of Nokia Charging Plate here.

Luxa2 TX-P1 has a much more powerful batter then the Nokia charging plate. It has double the power storage capacity, with a battery of 5000 mAH. A bit bulky, naturally due to the high batter power storage capacity, it is still a good portable wireless charging pad. But it is bulky when why am I recommending it. Because of its unique accessory call the Luxa2 Band. A rubber band which can be strapped around the charging pad and the mobile device , and can be left in your bag, briefcase, purse to let it juice up.  Cheaper yet powerful then the Nokia charging plate. See the full review of Luxa2 TX-P1 here.