The Ultimate uNu Aero Wireless Charging Pad and Case for iPhone5/5s

Aero wireless charging pad
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uNu’s new Aero wireless charging pad and case combination will help you to keep up the battery power of your phone all day long.


Pros : The charging case is light in weight but heavy in charging. Doubles up the phone’s power with the use of a battery and case combination.

Cons : The case works with the dedicated Aero wireless charging pad. If you want to use iTunes then you will have to remove the protective cover. Neither the case nor the charging pad follows any wireless charging standard like PMA or Qi.

uNu Aero Series iPhone 5S Battery Case / iPhone 5 Battery with Wireless Charging Technology - (Black, Fits All Models Apple iPhone 5S & iPhone 5)
  • The ergonomic yet slim style 2000 mAh battery case provides your iPhone 5S/5 the true 100% battery boost, equal to an additional 10 hours of talk time.
  • Fully-customizable design with 360 degrees protection offers your premium protection from scratches, fingerprints, smudging and bumps.
  • The intelligent and novel design provides a viable benefit to you, such easy access to all functions, camera, and headphone jack.
  • An Innovative Aero Charging Technology with Certified High Performance Reliability.
  • uNu strict quality control ensures top quality, stylish, and safety for our customers.

With every new release, the iPhone is becoming smarter by introducing itself in almost every aspect of our daily routine. The continuous usage of the phone for applications such as getting directions, gaming, actively updating social media profiles, browsing internet and watching trending videos, drain the battery very fast. Even though the phone is becoming advanced with newer versions, the backbone of the phone – the battery, is not getting equally smarter.

There are a few options available to keep up the charge of the battery for an entire day, but they all somehow require a wired connection to the phone or to the wireless charging pad.

But imagine you have the freedom of using the iPhone to its full usage for 24 hours without plugging it to any external portable battery or placing it on to a charging pad or charging it via the regular cable. With uNu’s Aero Wireless Charging Pad and Case, it is possible to use the iPhone all day long without plugging it.

First let us talk about the smart case. The case is not a regular wireless charging case; it is a combination of wireless charging receiver and a battery. It is a smart case not because it is capable to charge the phone wirelessly, but because it is also a battery of 2000mAh capacity which can be charged wirelessly. The case comes in Black or White color to compliment the iPhone 5 and 5S standard colors. The rubberized material of the case makes it easy to handle with a good grip and gives a good protection to the phone. Once we insert and fix the phone in to the case, power connection is made between the phone and the case’s inbuilt battery. Now we will not need the phone’s micro charging slot, instead when charging, the case’s battery will charge the phone as well.

The uNu package also contains a micro USB cable. The case’s battery gets charged using a micro USB slot. When you connect the case’s battery for charging, first the phone gets charged and then the case’s battery when the phone is 100% charged. This is a really smart way of charging.

The whole process may take up to 3 to 4 hours. The back of the case has 4 small LED lights which show the battery’s power status. Each LED light indicates 25% battery power. The case’s battery has a smart button just in between the 4 LED lights. Hard pressing the button and holding it for few seconds, will switch ON the battery to power up the phone.

Now let us talk about the wireless charging pad. The charging pad is ultra thin but highly powerful which outputs a power of 5 Am, giving a window of 3 – 4 hours to charge the phone’s and case batteries. uNu confirms that the pad is built of two charging panels which helps in charging the phone faster than any other charging pad. The pad can itself be connected using the micro USB slot available next to the charging indicator LED light. The connection between the case and the battery is made with the help of a weak magnetic attraction, using the metal dots fixed on the back of the case. Once the case is placed on the pad, the LED light will glow indicating a successfully wireless charging connection.


The only drawback of this product is that it does not follow any wireless charging standard like PMA or Qi. But if you ignore that fact, then this is really a great device with an affordable price of $ 99.

If you don’t want to keep charging your iPhone 5 or 5S more than once per day and want to use the phone all day long, then go for uNu Aero Wireless Charging Pad and Case.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S4 then uNu also has a case and pad at a lower price of $89.

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