Top 5 Beautiful Wireless Chargers

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As the popularity of wireless charging pads increase globally, the design and style of these innovative gadgets are also improving drastically. In last couple of years, several wireless chargers have been introduced in the market, most of them having excellent, out-of-the-box designs with better charging capabilities. Mentioned below is the list of some of the most eye-catching, trendy, beautiful chargers everyone whole like to owe.

5. RayShop Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Shaped like small circular discs with multi-colored rings at the periphery, this wireless charger looks more like an attractive toy than a useful gadget (But don’t just go by the looks).  They are small in size and can easily fit in the pocket or backpack.

Now, because of the small size the center point of the pad can be easily located for placing the phone, but on the other hand it might not be suitable to use large size devices as there are chances for the device to fall due to imbalance. Micro USB to USB connector make is convenient to use the device with laptops. Available in Color Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Black – RayShop charging pad stands at number 5 in the list.

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4. Oregon Wireless Charging Station


Oregon Clock is a combination of an alarm clock and a Qi wireless charging pad. The clock features date and time, indoor and outdoor temperatures, radio controlled atomic clock, displays indoor temperature and up to 5 outdoor temperature locations (1 outdoor sensor included), magnet free charging pad and up to 5W power. The device is available in black and white and recharges a cell phone with Qi enabled inductive wireless charging pad. This beautiful device is the perfect piece to replace your boring bed side table clock and charging cords.

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3. Nokia Pillow

As said by Nokia, their wireless charging pillow is to give a “power nap” to your Qi enabled wireless charging phone. It’s an attractive charging pad to keep in your bedroom and comes in 5 different colors – Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue- the best to match your colorful Nokia Lumia phones. Nokia’s pillow is an attractive case to put in the charging plate, but is definitely a stylish accessory to keep. Another good thing about it is that it follow the Qi standard and can charge any smart phone with a Qi compatible charging capability.

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2. Powerbot Wireless Charging pad

Designed like a hockey punk, this Qi wireless charging  pad is by Powerbot – a company famous for its power products. The design of the charging pad is almost similar to RayShop Qi charging disc, but Powerbot is of better quality. It is available in different colors and has a rubberized texture on the top and the bottom to avoid slipping of the devices. The device is very much portable and fits in at any place. Definitely a  good value for money product to have.

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1. TYLT VU Wireless Charging Stand

The VU wireless charger is one-of-its kind innovative wireless charging gadget from TYLT. The stand is designed in such as way so as to comfortably place the phone on the pad without the risk of falling or sliding down. Because of the angled position of the pad, you can work on your phone even when it’s charging. The phone can be placed horizontally or vertically, and in both the position the wireless charging is very efficient. This great design also allows us to work on the phone while it is getting charged. If you want quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, then the stylish and colorful VU single charging pad is the best choice for you.

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Do you know any other attractive wireless chargers? Let us know in the comments below.