Top 4 Wireless Charging Pads for iPhone 5 and 5S

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With every new release of iPhone, Apple breaks its own previous record. iPhone 5 and 5S are by far the most popular Apple gadgets. Yet, Apple have not made the phones wireless charging enabled, even though the wireless charging market is growing substantially every year. However, companies such as Duracell Powermat, ZENS, RAVPower and others , have already come up with accessories to enable wireless charging for iPhone 5 and 5S.

Listed below are bestselling Wireless Charging On Iphone which satisfy both affordability and quality.

In situation where a choice has to be made between PMA standard wireless charging pads and Qi standard wireless charging pads, the Qi wins most of the times – the reasons are variety and cost effectiveness of Qi wireless charging pads. Want to enable wireless charging for your iphone 5 and 5S, mentioned below are the top 4 wireless charging pads available in the market.

1. Zens Wireless Chargers

The best thing about Zens Single Wireless Charger pad is that it has 7 different inductor coils embedded in the pad at different positions. This allows the freedom of placing the phone or any Qi enabled device in any position on the wireless charging pad. The sleek design and easily visible LED indicator lights makes it attractive on any office or home desk. Rather then a pad I would call it a wireless phone charging mat.

Zens also has a Dual Wireless Charger pad built in with 7 different indicator coils. This allows two Qi enabled phones to be charged simultaneously whereas a third phone can be plugged in to the USB slot, allowing parallel charging of 3 phones.

2. RAVPower Qi Enabled Wireless Charging Pad

Very elegant and simple in design, the RAVPower Qi Enabled Wireless Charging Pad – White and Black is the highest selling single device charging pad. Simple to use and easy to carry, this is one of the most user-friendly wireless charging pad in the market.  Click here to know more about RAVPower pad.

3. TYLT VU Wireless Charging stand

TYLT is famous for its innovative and attractive designs. The VU Wireless Charging stand is a tilted stand, which allows the Qi enabled phone to rest in a diagonal position. This enables the user to have a clear view of the phone’s screen while it is getting charged. The device is available in multiple colors which enhances its “attractive” quotient. Click here to know more about VU wireless charging pad.

4. Nokia Portable Charging Plate

Nokia entered the market of wireless charging with the release of it Lumia phone series. It released Lumia Qi enabled wireless charging phone case and also introduced the Wireless Charging Plate. This attractive gadget is a Qi enabled wireless charging pad specially built for Qi enabled phones.

Another product by Nokia is the Portable Wireless Charging Plate, which can charge itself wirelessly or by using the USB port. Both the plates work perfectly well with iPhone 5 and 5S. The variety of available color, smooth shape and small in size puts the wireless charging pad at the 4th position in the list of top wireless charging pad.

Bonus – iQi Wireless Charge Receiver

Many sleeves, cases and flip wireless charging covers are available for iPhone 5 and 5S. But the iQi receiver stands out. It is not a cover or a case, but a paper thin power receiver coil with a connector. The connector goes into the charging slot of the phone. The coil sits on the back of the phone and can be hidden into any phone case or bumper. This simple and slim wireless receiver will make the phone receive the charger from any Qi enabled wireless charging pad. To know more about iQi see the below video.

Do you know about any other great wireless charing pads for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S? Let us know in the comments below.

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