Top 3 Single Device Wireless Charging Pads In The Market

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Single Device Wireless Charging Pads are specifically designed to charge one smartphone at a time. They are compact in size and best for traveling purpose.

Pros : It you need a charging pad that can fit in your pockets, then single charging pads are best suited for you. Easy to carry, more or less the same size of your smart phone, handy, lighter in weight.

Cons : Too small for charging bigger sized phones. If you are charging Nexus 7 then it will take few seconds to find the correct charging position, because the phone is bigger than the charging pad. This applies to all the bulky phones or tablets.

Before we dive in to discussing of the top three single device wireless chargers, let’s take a step back and think of what we actually want out from a single wireless charger. Apart from breaking free from the usage of wires and the hassles of finding a wall plug point, we need something that is easy to carry, probably in the coat’s inner pocket, and something that do not need a separate bag, should be small enough to adjust in your regular office laptop backpack and in worst scenario should easily fit in the palm. Yup, the size should be something like the regular smart phone. For an individual using one phone, a single wireless charging pad is the best bet.

Most of us carry only one smartphone. Yes, that’s the reason why it is called a smartphone. One phone is good enough to help you out for the day to day activities. A smartphone gives access to internet, assists in finding destinations, reminds important tasks, provides access to fun loving and addictive games, and all this activities consumes a lot of battery power.

Phone users mainly charge their phones at two places – home and office.  A single wireless charging pad can satisfy this need. Those who want to avoid carrying the pad every day, they can keep one pad at home and other at the office, permanently plugged in. The good thing about such single charging pads is that they are affordable to buy. Usually the price ranges from $39.99 $ to $59.99.

Now let’s take a look at top three single wireless charging pads:

RAVPower Single Wireless Charging Pad


RAVPower is pioneer in providing power and storage solutions for laptops and cell phones. Their wireless charging pad is a master piece for mobile phone power solution. It follows the Qi wireless power standard and is one of the best selling single charging pads. Lighter by 4.5 ounces, the size is of the pad is perfect to allow the smart phone to sit comfortably, allowing a seamless wireless charging. The other good thing about this device is that it uses standard micro USB to USB Cable, which gives the flexibility to wire charge the phones that uses micro USB, just in case the need arise.

One drawback about the pad is it’s popped-up curved slippery surface. Unless u have a good rubberized case for your Qi enabled phone, chances are that your phone may slip and fall down. Moreover, it’s not a good option to charge the phones or tables that are larger than the pad using this device.

Duracell Powermat 1x

Duracell Powermat 1x

Powermat is a famous name in the wireless power industry.  Duracell Powermat is a product, which is the outcome of Duracell and Powermat’s collaboration. The powermat for single device is a square shaped and 0.30 lbs in weight –  smaller than RAVPower single charger device, but powerful. Even though the device has a smooth polished surface, it can very well hold the mobile device from sliding off the pad. This is achieved by 4 inbuilt magnets, one at each corner which helps in positioning the placed mobile device. Also, the charger is intelligent enough to stop the charging when the phone is fully charged.

The only issue this device has is that it is not of Qi standard. All Duracell Powermat devices follow PMA standard. So, if you have Qi compatible case for your phone then you should buy a pad which is Qi compatible. If you really want to have a Duracell Powermat charging pad then, the company also sells PMA compatible mobile cases for iPhone 4S/4, iPhone 5 / 5S and Samsung Galaxy S3. But it’s more famous for iPhones than any other mobile phones.

With a discounted price between 25$ to 35$ Duracell Powermat 1x is a good choice for any iPhone.

TYLT VU Wireless Charger

TYLT VU Wireless Charger

TYLT is well known for its innovative and trendy designed gadgets. The VU wireless charger is another innovative design from TYLT. There is no other Qi wireless charger in the market that gives an arrangement as comfortable as this one. The VU charger comes in several vibrant colors and unlike other charging pads which lie flat on a leveled surface, VU stands angled at 45 degrees. You can comfortably place your phone on the pad without the danger of it sliding down. Because of the angled position of the pad, you can work on your phone even when it is charging.

Another advantage of VU is that you can place you phone in horizontal as well as vertical position without disrupting the charging.

When it comes to pricing, the pad is towards the higher side. The TYLT VU is priced at 69.99$ which is a bit high for a Qi wireless charger. But if you want quality, comfort, and that aesthetic appeal, then the stylish and colorful VU single charging pad is the best choice for you.