Swich – an elegant wireless charger for iPhone and Android

Swich – an elegant wireless
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Wireless Charger Iphone Se: Wanna have an elegant wireless charger, some thing that is eye catching, simple but has a natural texture which can easily get blended with your office or home desk! If you are looking for such a charging pad then SWICH is the one for you.

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Designed by Lutman Design, SWICH breaks out off the conventional wireless charging pad flat, circular or square design and giving an elegant wireless charging stand for iPhone and Android. The stem of the device is organic and natural which made from the American dark walnut hardwood where as the base and the mobile support is made from a fine ceramic. The fine blend of natural wood and ceramic makes the stand sturdy and stable.

The mobile supporting section of SWICH is made of micro-suction material which gives a good grip even at the 45 degree bent position of the section. Yes, the section is bent at 45 degree and you can also switch it from a vertical to a horizontal position and back. This gives a proper positioning of the mobile device to work on it, check messages, view videos or do any other activity while the it is getting charged.

Wireless Charger Iphone Se

Very few wireless charging stands are available in the market. Fore sure SWICH is going to give a tough competition to the few of the wireless charging stands available in market like the one by TYLT. But I would say TYLT charger is not a holding stand rather is a device resting stand.

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SWICH is not out for sale, but it is on Kickstarter to get the targeted funding and the final shipping of the device is scheduled in November 2014. Back the project and read though its entire article which shows the effort the Team SWICH has put in to create this elegant wireless charger stand.

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