PMA or Qi – support for the upcoming Apple iPhone 8?

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JP Morgan’s key note on last Tuesday – Apple’s next iPhone will have wireless charging capability. The note was to highlight Broadcomm’s chip which will be used by the upcoming iPhones. This chip supports the two most widely used wireless charging standards – PMA and Qi. However, its not confirm which standard will be used by Apple in the iPhones. Knowing the fact and per the past experience, that Apple has its own way of doing things, it may turn out to be none or both standards to be seen in the next iPhone. 

However, you should remember, that Apple earlier this year joined the Wireless Power Consortium, in order to bring the wireless charging capability to its products. WPC, is for Qi wireless charging. However, this doesn’t mean that Apple will have only Qi wireless charging. Remember, Samsung, the main competitor of Apple, is also a WPC member and it’s phone supports both, Qi and PMA wireless charging. 

JP Morgan’s note did showed the estimate of $500M to $600M in annual revenue, which will be added to because of this deal with Apple. Post this note by JP Morgan, it’s stock surged by few points.  

The Broadcomm’s chip, apart from having the  Qi and PMA wireless charging capability, also have the most advanced Bluetooth version 5.0. It brings in the feature of having connected more than one Bluetooth device. Which means, that on the new Apple iPhones more than one person will be able to listen to the same song or two people can watch a movie on the an iPad.

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