Stylish and Colorful: Nokia Wireless Charging Plate and Pillow

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Almost all wireless charging pads available in the market are flat in design. Moreover, most of them are either in black or white color. But with the advent of colorful mobile phones like the Nokia Lumia series and iPhone 5C, the mobile phone accessories makers have come up with some really stylish and colorful devices to match their counterparts.  One of such devices are – the wireless charging pads from Nokia.

Well, Nokia mobile phones might not be doing extremely well in the  market, but its Lumia series is really doing better than expected. To add more value to the Lumia series, Nokia launched the wireless charging case for Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, Lumia 720, Lumia 920 and along with super-stylish Nokia charging pads, Nokia charging pillow and Nokia charging plate.

Nokia Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Fatboy is a big name in the home products industry for creatively reinventing the commercial usage of bean bags. Nokia in collaboration with Fatboy has created a wireless charging bean bag – a.k.a Pillow (Not the conventional types). In Nokia’s words, “The pillow is to give a power nap to your Qi enabled wireless charging phones.” The size of pillow is 190mm x 140 mm x 30 mm and it comes in 5 different colors – Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue to match with the colorful Lumia phones.

There’s also a wireless charging pad in the pillow, almost like the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate (explained below), which can be removed. The charging pillow follows the Qi standard and thus it can charge any smart phone with a Qi compatible charging capability.

Note: Reviews by customers indicate that they do not work well with Nexus 4.


Size : 190mm x 140 mm x 30 mm

Weight : 112 g

Wireless Standard : Qi

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

As the name explains, the Nokia charging plate is a charging pad with an oval shape. With size of 120mm x 60 mm x 11 mm and weight of only 93 g the plate is ideal for daily commute. If you are using one of the Nokia Lumia series phones, then you do have a choice to match the phone’s color with the charging plate as the later also comes in five colors (same like pillow) – Black, White, Yellow, Blue and Red. As it follow the Qi standard it can also be used with any Qi compatible smart phone.

The Pillow costs around $69.99 $, whereas the Plate costs around $50. Except the outer soft cover of the pillow, the purpose of both the devices is same. We would definitely prefer to go with the plate as it is small and satisfy the purpose. But if you want to gift someone (for e.g. your girl friend) something cool, then the Pillow would be an ideal choice.

Note: There’r cheaper deals also available for Pillow and Plate.

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