Nokia DC-50: A Portable Wireless Charging Pad That Charges Itself, Wirelessly!

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Technically, almost all Powermat wireless charging pads need to be charged with wire cords in order to charge other gadgets wirelessly. However, there are a few amazing charging devices in the market which not only receive but also transmit the power wirelessly.

There are very less number of devices in the market which are so configured that they can recharge themselves as well as charge other mobile devices wirelessly. One of such device is the Duracell Powermat Go Power Day trip battery, which is extremely user-friendly and highly portable.

Nokia Portable Wireless Charging Plate is another such device, with a high capacity Li-Ion battery of 2400 mAH. While the Day Trip battery is a small square-shaped device, the Nokia Charging Plate is of an oval shape. Conveniently smaller than Nokia Lumia 1520 phone with a weight of 150g, the plate can be easily put into your pocket.

To match with the Nokia Lumia series, the charging plates also come in four colors – Red, Blue, White and Yellow. The small button next to the micro-USB slot indicates how much power is left in the plate. Pressing the button will lit the LED indicator, which is smart enough to inform when the plate is going to be out of power and needs recharging.

The Nokia charging plate follow Qi standard, so any mobile device with a Qi compatible charging case can be recharged using the plate. However, when the plate is out of power, there are two ways to recharge it – 1.  You plug in the micro-USB cable in to the battery slot to recharge it; this may take not more than 150 min as confirmed by Nokia; 2.  Place the plate on any Qi charging pad and it will start recharging without wired connection. On the other hand, Duracell Powermat Day trip battery additionally has two wire connections for charging, one for the iPhone and other of Samsung.

The only drawback with this charging pads is the cost. Nokia have put a very high price for this Qi enable charging plate – $ 107 . On the other hand, the Duracell Powermat Day Trip battery costs only $49.99. Both the devices follow different wireless standard but perform almost the same function.

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