Luxa2 TX-P1 wireless charging battery – a complete wireless experience

Luxa2 wireless charging
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Luxa2 TX-P1 is a single device wireless charging pad. It stores the power in a 5000mAh battery and thus making itself a sustained wireless charging pad which do not require to be plugged in to a wall mount socket to charge a mobile device. It is a wireless charging battery, capable of charging more than one device.

Mostly a charging pad requires a wall socket connection for power supply. Take any charging pad and it will have it. When we talk about wireless charging for a mobile, it actually means that the mobile device is charged wirelessly. But with such charging pads actually we cannot say that we have a wireless charging experience, as the power supply for the charging pad is wired. But there are devices which has an inbuilt powerful battery which can provide power for a longer duration of time and only that should be taken care is to charger the internal battery before leaving the house. Today we are going to see on such device by Luxa2 and it is call the TX-P1 wireless charging battery.

Let us talk about the appearance of the device. Rectangular in shape Luxa2 TX-P1 is of the size slightly bigger then a regular smart phone. It is a bit wider and little bulky, but that is because it has to accommodate a 5000mAh battery. Comes in silver gray color and liken most of the charging pads it has a rubberized circular surface which prevents the sliding off of the mobile device. It has a power button to control the switching on and off of the device.

Now let us look at the charging capability. The Luxa2 TX-P1 allows the wireless charging of any device which follow Qi standard. Once switched ON the 4 indicative LED lights indicates each functioning of the device. The first green LED light indicates the power on/off, the second blue LED shows the charging indicator, the third blue shows the low batter indicator and the last one indicates the wireless charging. The 5000mAh battery is powerful enough to charge the mobile device 2 to 3 times a day, thus covering the entire day’s usage.

A non Qi compatible mobile device can also be charged using the micro-USB slot on the Luax2 TX-P1. Yes, the device also has a micro-USB slot which can allow charging of more than one device at the same time.


The unique accessory that comes with the device is the Luxa2 band. The band is a made of rubber and it sole purpose is to attach the mobile device with the charging pad. So, if we are travelling and if the phone needs to be charged just band-up the mobile and charging pad and put it in the bag. Once at home the battery can be plugged in to get fully recharged and ready to use for next day.

Luxa2’s TX-P1 is a wireless charging battery which provides a complete wireless experience. Just charge the battery fully and it suffice the entire day’s charging need for more than one mobile phone. If you are looking for a portable, easily rechargeable and multi-device charging support charging pad then Luxa2 TX-P1 is the one for you.