How To Enable Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy Note 3? (2020 Update)

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Before you read this post, kindly note that there is no provision to enable Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wireless charging. You will need an external device (Yes, you will have to spend a bit!) to enable your phone to charge wirelessly.

Listed below are bestselling Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wireless which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Pros : The good thing about having a Galaxy Note 3 is that there is a Samsung wireless charging kit available in the market. This means that you will not have to go for any other brands.

Cons : The Galaxy Note 3 itself is a big phone and if you get a wireless charging case, then in our opinion it would become a bit too much to handle.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wireless charging kit

Galaxy Note has been built considering features and functionality in mind rather than handling and comfort. Due to its size, Samsung does realize that it’s “Note” series, cannot reach a wide audience as it did for Galaxy Series.

Galaxy Note 3, even though its been the hot selling product of 2013 its still used by many, due to its excellent durability and functioning. The device might look bulky but it’s sleek and can easily fit in the inner pocket of the coat or in a purse. Surprisingly, this product from Samsung had done considerably well in the market, in fact better than expected. And when you have a phablet like Note 3, which can help with almost anything, then why not make it a complete package by giving it the function of charging wirelessly.

For those interested, this kit will help you enable the wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and gives you a complete wireless charging feature. The kit has a wireless charging pad and a charge receiving case.

The size of the charging pad is just a bit bigger than the size of Note 3, which saves one from worrying about finding the right position of charging spot.

The other good feature is that the pad is a bit curved and deepens towards the center, which stops the Note 3 to slip away from the pad when charging.

The LED light indication turns green, indicating that the phone is in the correct position for maximum charging. If the phone is not in the right position, the light will turn yellow and you may have to shift the phone a bit to find the correct charging spot (but may not have to do it as said earlier).

Now let’s talk about the charging case.

Made up of Polyurethane Leather material, the charging case replaces the existing Note 3 case. Just remove the existing one and mount the charging case; you are good to go for wireless charging. There is nothing to say much about the case, but that it gives the same look and feel as that of the original case.

Having a charging case does not mean that you will have to compromise with the traditional wired charging. You will still be able to plug in the wired charger.

The only drawback is that the sleekness of the phone with the original case is gone when you slip in the wireless charging case. Also, your original case will not be used.

Both the charging pad and the case are Qi enabled, approved by the Wireless Power Consortium, giving the flexibility to charge the phone on any Qi enabled charging pad.

If you already have a Qi enabled charging pad then no need to buy the Samsung charging pad, just purchase the charging case and you will be able to charge your phone wirelessly.

Specification – Samsung Wireless charging Pad

Charger Type : microUSB-Qi Inductive Wireless Charging, 2A charger (included in the package)

Exterior Color : White

Standard : Qi certified

Specification – Samsung Wireless charging case

Color : Black or White

Material : Polyurethane Leather

Standard : Qi certified

Designed : Samsung

Ultrathin Wireless Charger Receiver by BestFire

If you don’t want to have a new charging case and want to keep your Note 3 sleek, then BestFire’s paper thin wireless charge receiver is the best solution for you.

The receiver device sits perfectly on the battery of your phone and the 2 or 3 connecting dots are positioned right at the battery’s charging points.

The receiver can have 2 or 3 points to receive the charge, but that will not make any difference or reduce the charging speed.

The receiver also has a sticky line on it which sticks on the battery and holds the receiver from slipping out of the connection.

As mentioned earlier, you need not worry about it interrupting the regular wired charging. The receiver can very well be placed on the pad and wired charged at the same time.


Power conversion efficiency: Up to 70%
Input: 5V, 1A
Received power: 5W
Charging current: 600mA
Color: Black
Receiver size: 6.7 * 4.85 * 0.05cm / 2.6 * 1.9 * 0.02in
Receiver weight: 4g / 0.1oz

Final statement

Would you want a leather wireless charging case for your Note 3 or would want to retain the original case, the choice is yours. Personally, it’s worth to have your smart devices wirelessly charged, getting rid of the unwanted wires.

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