Duracell Powermat TravelMat – Wireless Charging For Travelers

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Before we dive deep into the details of the Duracell Powermat TravelMat, please note that this product follows the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard and works efficiently with iPhone 4 and 4S5 and 5S and Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless charging cases available from Duracell Powermat.

Listed below are bestselling Duracell Powermat TravelMat which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Pros : Amazing travel companion to keep the battery of your phone at 100% and also convenient for powering up other devices using USB slot. Even if you don’t want to buy a wireless charging case from Duracell Powermat, the high power USB port is good enough to charge your device, giving a complete wireless experience.

Cons : For wireless charging of the phone you will need to have a phone case from Duracell Powermat. With the current price, if you have to buy a charging case for the phone then the overall expenditure gets a bit costly.

The Duracell Powermat TravelMat is mainly for those who are always on the go or have very limited time at one place. When you are frequently moving, finding a charging socket is a tough job and waiting for your phone to get charged (If you find the charging point) is tougher. If you are always in dearth of time, you need a reliable battery source which is not only easy-to-carry but can also charge your phone effortlessly. If you are looking for something like that, then Duracell TravelMat is the solution for you.


TravelMat has a size of 5.26”H x 2.39”W x .73”D and sits easily on a palm just like a regular smart phone. It’s a little bulky as it has a high output of 1A wirelessly and up to 2.1 A via a USB port. It can easily charge an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 having a PMA standard charging case available from Duracell Powermat.

Don’t have a compatible wireless case? No worries, the TravelMat has a output USB port to wire charge your phone or tablet or any other compatible device.

The battery has two built-in (non-removable) 2100 mAh rechargeable lithium ion prismatic batteries which give enough power to keep you phone charged all day long, and can easily help more than one device. The battery gets charged via a mini USB port. You can see how much the battery has been charged or drained from the 4 small LED lights on the side of the device. Just click the power button once and the LEDs displays the charge left in the battery. To switch ON or OFF the battery, press hard the power button, holding it for few seconds.

Suggestion: If you really are a frequent traveller and carry lots of devices, then TravelMat along with a wireless charging phone case from Duracell Powermat is a good option to keep your devices charged up all the travel time. If not, you don’t need one.

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