CHOE Wireless Car Charger for All Qi Compatible Phones

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Pros : A Qi enabled phone of any shape and size can charged with this device. Ideal for NexusNokia Lumia.

Cons : The rubberized arms need a little more rubber or foam to hold some phones (like, Samsung S3) more tightly.

Imagine you are using GPS on your phone while driving your car and the battery power goes low. Next, you will then have stop the car, plug in the charger to your phone, and start it all over again if the battery has been discharged completely.

Now, how about having a car phone holder that can charge your phone without plugging a wire into the phone? CHOE Qi Wireless Car Charger Dock can do that for you.

CHOE car dock

CHOE car dock pad gives the comfort of a hassle-free phone charging in your car. Its Qi compatibility allows charging of any smart phone with a Qi charging case or having inbuilt Qi wireless charging capability. The LED light provided is placed at a convenient position to indicate if the contact between the charging pad and the phone is successful for wireless charging.

Designed in a smart way, the charger dock can hold the phone of any size and shape. The phone when mounted on the dock is held using three rubberized arms. The 3 rubberized grip arms are expandable to fit in any phone size. The only manual adjustment you need to do is that when mounting the phone on the dock the arms should be adjusted in such a way that the center of the phone rests on the center of the dock’s charging pad. This will give an efficient wireless charging for the phone. The arms can easily fit nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung S3, Galaxy Note 3, or any other Qi compatible phone. Charge times are quick and allows the phone to get charged even when running GPS Navigation and CarDock app at the same time.

The back of the dock has a strong suction and sticky base which can easily be placed on the dashboard or on the windshield, no matter how porous or rough the surface is . The base and the dock are connected using a flexible yet very sturdy and strong arm. The flexibility gives the freedom to adjust the dock in a landscape mode, especially when using the map, or the horizontal mode.

The power supply for the charging pad on the dock is provided using a micro USB slot. The other end of the charging wire goes in to the USB slot of the cigarette lighter. In the box comes a charging pad, car holder base with sticky rubber and suction, flexible bridge to connect base and the charging pad, micro USB to USB cable, and cigarette lighter USB socket.

Overall, CHOE Wireless Car Charger Dock is a good choice to charge Qi enabled charging phone of any shape and size because of the highly efficient adjustable arms.