IKEA Wireless Charging options and its Qi furniture range

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Almost everyone in the western world and Europe know about IKEA the Swedish ready to assemble furniture giant. Some of the most famous and high in demand items are the office furniture, from table lamps to desks to chairs, all available under one roof. Well, things are going to be a bit different after few months, if you buy a lamp from IKEA you will also get a variety of IKEA wireless charging options to buy and they all follow Qi standard. Yes, knowing the potential of the future of wireless charging IKEA is taking that big step to enter into the world of wireless charging.

Listed below are bestselling IKEA wireless charging which satisfy both affordability and quality.

During the Barcelona’s 2015 World Mobile Congress  IKEA revealed its long range of wireless charging products which includes lamps, desks, bedside tables, and more. All these products will follow the most favored standard, Qi, thus transmitting the power which your phone’s receiver can catch and get charged. These products will be available in IKEA stores and online in US and UK from April 2015 onward, and I suppose these products will be affordable and easy to use, as most of the IKEA products are.

There are variety of lamps which IKEA will bring to to market, basically a lamp for each of the kind of rooms in your house or office.  Office desk can have a lamp with wireless power enabled. Elegant floor lamps that can beautify the living room and get you mobile charged wirelessly. Along with these there will be bedside table with inbuilt wireless power transmitter.

IKEA will also be selling charging pads. These will be single mobile charging pads, dual mobile and triple mobile charging pads. The simple and elegant design will make they blend to any place it is used. Not only that, IKEA will have a wireless charger than can be built into the table or any furniture, thus blending and hiding the charger within the furniture.

Well, we are not that lucky to enjoy a complete wireless charging environment. The IKEA products will still have wires attached to the wall sockets but here IKEA have done another great creativity, to hide most part of the cable inside the furniture.

IKEA is setting up a new trend to make the wireless charging devices available in furniture super stores and I am many will soon follow the trend.

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