A phone case which can generate power from thin air

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Imagine generating the power from thin air. That’s exactly the above phone case will do if you have one. Isn’t that now purely wireless. If all the mobile devices have such case or technology built in then no one will have to carry the power cable, ever. To be precise it used the radio frequency (RF) coming out of your cell phone.

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We all know what radio frequency is! For those who don’t, radio frequency is what any mobile communication device uses to communicate or send the message from one device to another. Be it a military walkie talkie, a kids walkie talkie, or a mobile phone, every device uses radio frequency. Lets take mobile phones. Our mobile phones are in continues communication, that is send and receive data, with either a Wifi modem, 4G/3G and bluetooth devices.

During this communication process mobile phones sends and receives data using radio frequency. Note here, that the radio frequency also require a small amount of power which they carry along with the data during the communication. The mobile device emits a strong radio frequency, but this strong frequency is weaken as it travels through the thin air. Resulting in loss of energy.


Nikola Labs in collaboration with The Ohio State University’s researcher Dr. Chi-Chih Chen have developed a special phone case, which has a circuitry antenna that can harvest this losing energy. A converter then converts this energy into a DC power and supplies back the power to the phone. Thus generating power from thin air and powering up the  phone as it works.

After a going through many iterations of the case prototypes Nikola Labs have successfully built a elegant and stylish phone case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 that can harvest the radio frequency of the phone. But to built more and get the phone case in people’s hands the Nikola Labs team need your backup. They have launched the project on Kicstarter and would appreciate if you can back them.

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